Orlando Magic Daily 2024 NBA Mock Draft 1.0: What's there to pick?

The Orlando Magic are in a new position as a team outside the lottery. With so many things on the table for them this offseason, where does that leave them for the Draft? It is time to make our first run through the Draft order.
Tristan Da Silva is a favored target for the Orlando Magic at No. 18. But that could also mean he is gone by the time the Magic pick.
Tristan Da Silva is a favored target for the Orlando Magic at No. 18. But that could also mean he is gone by the time the Magic pick. / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
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The Orlando Magic's real targets, part 2

. Ja'Kobe Walter. 93. Sixers No. 16 Mock Draft 06.02.24. . Baylor. Ja'Kobe Walter. G/F. 16. player

Ja'Kobe Walter is another player who fits the bill for the Orlando Magic.

The 6-foot-5 guard averaged 14.5 points per game and shot 34.1 percent from three and 79.2 percent from the foul line in his freshman year at Baylor. He staked a reputation as a solid defender in his lone year in Waco, Texas. Then, he measured with a 6-foot-10 wingspan.

Walter still has some work to do offensively. He is not going to create a ton of separation for himself. But he will hit his share of three-pointers. He has a quick trigger and can get balanced quickly.

Walter is still an athlete with skills that need to be refined. But he has started to put them all together. It might take some time for him to put all those skills together. But that is the case for most of the young players in the draft.

The Philadelphia 76ers are still looking to remake their roster. They are expected to be major players in free agency before they re-sign Tyrese Maxey. So they will need supporting players and defenders. The Sixers are going to need to hit on this draft pick.

Duke. C. Kyle Filipowski. 20. Scouting Report. Kyle Filipowski. 17. player. Lakers No. 17 Mock Draft 06.02.24.

Kyle Filipowski proved to be a solid center at Duke in two years. He was able to build his scoring and finish around the rim with ease. Filipowski has solid skills around the basket and a good traditional post-game. He can make plays from every part of the floor.

The 7-footer moves well on pick and rolls and can make some decisions with the ball. He may not be able to spread the floor and shoot from beyond the arc, but he has all the other versatile offensive skills that the NBA looks for from centers.

Filipowski averaged 16.4 points per game and 8.3 rebounds per game last year at Duke. He was one of the best centers in college.

Where Filipowski falls short is he does not have much of a game beyond the paint. He is not hitting three-pointers. And he does not feature a ton of defensive versatility. He is a traditional center in a league moving away from traditional centers.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been looking for centers to help ease the defensive pressure on Anthony Davis. Davis does not like playing at center full time. Kyle Filipowski takes the spot over Zach Edey because he is a bit more mobile, even if he is not as effective on defense.