Orlando Magic Daily 2024 NBA Mock Draft 1.0: What's there to pick?

The Orlando Magic are in a new position as a team outside the lottery. With so many things on the table for them this offseason, where does that leave them for the Draft? It is time to make our first run through the Draft order.
Tristan Da Silva is a favored target for the Orlando Magic at No. 18. But that could also mean he is gone by the time the Magic pick.
Tristan Da Silva is a favored target for the Orlando Magic at No. 18. But that could also mean he is gone by the time the Magic pick. / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
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UConn. player. . Donovan Clingan. Scouting Report. C. 6. 170. Donovan Clingan. Hornets No. 6 Mock Draft 06.02.24

The Charlotte Hornets have been looking for a quality big man for a long time. They may still be invested in Mark Williams. But at this point, the chance to draft a player like Donovan Clingan might be too much.

The 7-foot-3 center stood out in the NCAA Tournament and figures to be a solid rim protector and defender. Pairing him with LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller should help boost the Hornets.

Blazers No. 7 Mock Draft 06.02.24. Scouting Report. G. Stephon Castle. player. 34. UConn. . Stephon Castle. 7

Stephon Castle is quickly becoming one of the hotter names at the top of this draft. He defends well and has good size. And he seemingly wants to play point guard, giving him more of an advantage with his size. Coming from a championship pedigree with UConn helps plenty, too.

The Portland Trail Blazers seem set to remake their guard rotation. They are not giving up on Scoot Henderson. But they have Anfernee Simons and Malcolm Brogdon to deal with. Adding another talented wing who can create will help them no matter what they end up doing this offseason.

Scouting Report. Dalton Knecht. 8. . SF. 29. Spurs No. 8 Mock Draft 06.02.24. Tennessee. Dalton Knecht. player

The San Antonio Spurs are probably looking for as much shooting as they can get to surround Victor Wembanyama. Once they get their point guard that is.

Dalton Knecht is probably the best shooter in the draft. The senior from Tennessee successfully grew from a small college star into a big-time shooter in the SEC. That bodes well for how quickly he could impact a team and graduate to the NBA.

Grizzlies No. 9 Mock Draft 06.02.24. Ron Holland. player. Scouting Report. SF. Ron Holland. . G-League Ignite. 9. 211

While Matas Buzelis seems the most NBA-ready of the final class of the G-League Ignite experiment, Ron Holland might be the player with the most NBA upside. Holland has really good size and a natural scoring ability even if he has to improve as a shooter.

The shot for the Memphis Grizzlies to grab another highly talented wing player after their injury-filled year is one they should not pass up. This is the chance to grab a lot of talent to add to their collection with Ja Morant likely back and healthy next season.

. Jazz No. 10 Mock Draft. Rob Dillingham. 118. 10. Scouting Report. PG. Kentucky. Rob Dillingham. player

The Utah Jazz are still collecting talent and looking to bring in the best players. To have Rob Dillingham fall to them at No. 10 would be a coup, especially with the growing rumors that they are open to trading Collin Sexton.

At this point, though, the Jazz need to find some direction. Lauri Markkanen is an All-Star-level player and they are a tough team to face, but the Jazz do not seem to have a clear direction for growth.