Orlando Magic can pick their development speed at the trade deadline

The Orlando Magic can seemingly do anything again at the trade deadline. For the first time in a long time, this team could be very aggressive as they look to make the most of this season.
With the Detroit Pistons flailing, Bojan Bogdanovic could become available on the trade market for the Orlando Magic.
With the Detroit Pistons flailing, Bojan Bogdanovic could become available on the trade market for the Orlando Magic. / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
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Orlando Magic can pick their development speed at the trade deadline

Scenario #3: Wait until after the season

If the Orlando Magic can not figure out what direction they want to go in, then they can wait to finish the season to assess the roster and sit tight until the offseason.

Even though the sooner they can begin to create chemistry with new players the better, the Magic can choose to wait until after the season to make any big moves.

They can let the season play out, see how Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner handle the rest of the season as first and second options and also see what role players figure out and which do not fit. They could keep their roster the same or as mentioned before they could trade for some wing depth.

This is the most likely scenario for the typically conservative Magic front office under Jeff Weltman. And there has to be at least some concern with disrupting the chemistry and vibes that led to the team getting off to such a fast start.

This team is so young that they have not dealt with the sudden departure of key players and may not be ready for that kind of disruption to the team at this level.

In this scenario they do not need someone to play 82 games, but someone who will be ready to go and be the next man up when they have injuries or struggles. Spark guys who can hit some threes or get a stop.

Some players who would be perfect fits in this role would be Furkan Korkmaz, A.J Griffin and Otto Porter Jr. if the Magic are looking to make smaller moves this deadline.

Korkmaz has long wanted to get out of Philadelphia and take on some more minutes and he has a chance to do that in Orlando. He is a career 35.5% three-point shooter and he has a 111.8 career defensive rating.

A.J. Griffin is another player who can hit some open threes and play defense.

Griffin had a really solid rookie season hitting a couple of clutch buckets and playing great defense. After some injuries and some shooting struggles he now only plays just over nine minutes per game and could have a new start in Orlando if the Atlanta Hawks move off him.

Otto Porter Jr. is an older guy but is only going to be needed situationally which would be perfect for him at this stage of his career. In 12 minutes per game, he is shooting 36.4 percent from three and he has an above-average defensive rating.

He has, however, made only 12 appearances and so injuries are a concern for the veteran forward.

The Magic could benefit from all these players. They all have played in playoff series before and they all can shoot and defend which is what the Magic need. All of those players can bring assets on the court and knowledge off the court to help the Magic.

All the players are expendable too. They can all be moved off of if they do not fit or they are not succeeding in their role.

The Magic have time since they are such a young team and Magic fans should be excited to see what direction they go in.

The Magic have a lot of thinking to do in the next couple of months. There are a lot of players on the trade block and they need to figure out who they want and who they're willing to give up along with the direction of the team.

This trade deadline may be one to remember. This could be where the Magic find their missing piece to a future championship run. As rumors circulate and the stakes heighten, there will be a lot of noise in the media for the next couple of months.

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What the Magic decide to do has to be decided soon and moves will most likely be made this February. Do not get comfortable Magic fans there might be some new faces in Orlando pretty soon, and some familiar faces leaving.