Orlando Magic basketball returns October 7 with preseason opener

The Orlando Magic return for the 2025 season Oct. 7 as they begin their preseason in New Orleans for a second straight year with a pair of games against the New Orleans Pelicans.
The Orlando Magic will open their preseason in New Orleans for the second straight year on Oct. 7, 2024.
The Orlando Magic will open their preseason in New Orleans for the second straight year on Oct. 7, 2024. / Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports

To say that there is some anticipation for the Orlando Magic's 2025 season is an understatement.

The Magic had their best season since Dwight Howard's departure with 47 wins, a 5-seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs and forced their playoff series to go the distance to a Game 7. Nobody felt disappointed for too long over the final outcome of the season.

It seemed like it was the beginning of a long playoff run for this young Magic team.

There is still an offseason to get to —-and the Magic have considerable cap room and are expected to be fairly active to improve their roster—but everyone has their eyes on the start of the 2025 season and what the Magic can do as a follow-up to this breakout season.

The countdown to Magic basketball's return is officially on

The Magic announced their 2025 preseason schedule. There are only 117 days until the Magic return to the court to open their preseason on Oct. 7 in New Orleans against the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Magic will have a busy first week of the preseason playing three games in five days, starting in New Orleans on Oct. 7 and heading to San Antonio on Oct. 9.

Orlando then plays the first of its two preseason games at Kia Center on Oct. 11 with a rematch against the Pelicans, marking the second straight year the Magic have played the Pelicans twice in the preseason.

The Orlando Magic conclude the preseason schedule a week later against the Philadelphia 76ers at the Kia Center on Oct. 18.

The Magic are slated to open training camp on Oct. 1 with media day taking place on Sept. 30. That is typical. The Magic have a week of training camp before their preseason schedule begins. And then they will be into the ringer of the NBA's regular season.

The regular season does not currently have a start date, but it should begin Tuesday, Oct. 22 with its premiere day. The Magic should open their season the following day on Oct. 23.

There is still a lot for the Magic to get to with free agency and offseason maneuvers ahead. The team may look dramatically different when they convene for training camp.

But now there are games once again to look forward to. Magic basketball is on its way back.