Orlando Magic 2024 NBA Draft Preview: How the current rookies affect the team's development

The NBA Draft comes front and center even in the middle of a Playoff race with the NCAA Tournament tipping off. The Orlando Magic have their own rookies to develop in the present and how they turn out could affect what comes next in the Draft.

Anthony Black has had his ups and downs but has been a surprising hit in his rookie year for the Orlando Magic.
Anthony Black has had his ups and downs but has been a surprising hit in his rookie year for the Orlando Magic. / Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports
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Intro to the 2024 NBA Draft

The Magic's Rookies - Jett Howard

Philip Rossman-Reich, Orlando Magic Daily: Obviously, we haven't seen a lot of Jett Howard for the Orlando Magic on the main roster. I don't know if you are following the G-League or not, what have you seen from Jett Howard and what maybe from his draft prep does he still need to get to be a player who can contribute to this Magic team?

Richard Stayman, Locked on NBA Big Board: I haven't seen a ton. My focus on the G-League is more on the Ignite. I have seen some. I caught a couple of games in January.

I think the shot looks good. Everything is really promising in that regard. When he gets to the rim, I feel like he doesn't create it's he came off a screen and had a choice. I think he has done a good job of getting to the rim and finishing when necessary.

The question at this point is can he scale up? None of the habits look terrible. One of the things at Michigan is he was just a ball stopper. I don't think he has been that that much in the G-League. Curious what you think.

Philip: Whenever we ask about Jett Howard, Jamahl Mosley has consistently said the things we want to see him is to get up to speed. They play faster in the G-League.

They are trying to get him up to an NBA pace and they feel like the G-League is faster. You have to make faster reads and play at a more frenetic pace. They think that will help him.

Jamahl said something interesting when the Magic brought him back after their West Coast road trip, we are really impressed with his decision-making.

It sounds like what the Magic are actually trying to see from him is that growth in his decision-making. The Magic's overall philosophy is everyone can do everything. They run Paolo Banchero at point guard a lot. He is on the ball, making these kinds of initiation decisions.

Ultimately, what I think the Magic are looking for is what I call skill versatility as much as positional versatility. They want players who can play multiple roles within an offense. Their offense is very read-based and not set-based.

They have actions to get guys open and get guys the ball in spots they want them to. But it's as much about we're going to set you up on the wing, here comes the pick and roll and here is your decision tree off the pick and roll. We want you to read the defense. We want you to see what the defense is giving you and go from there.

A big thing I think especially for their wings is this ability to make decisions. I think this what the Magic are trying to have Jett experience at a lower level so when he gets with the Magic . . . he will be able to make the right decisions. I think that's the development the team is looking for as much as they are looking for him to be more competitive defensively.

I think the Magic are still trying to groom him -- they need the shooting obviously -- into the kind of player they are full of. Big wings who make decisions as much as attack off cuts and passes.

Richard: Give him a year in Summer League, if he is one of those guys who are edging on too good for Summer League, that's really promising.