One question for every Orlando Magic player heading to the Playoffs

The Orlando Magic are gearing up for the Playoffs for the first time since 2020. The team has shown the league they are capable of competing at the highest level, but every player on the team can improve in some capacity.
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One question for every Orlando Magic player heading to the Playoffs

Jonathan Isaac: Can Jonathan Isaac force himself into the starting lineup?

Jonathan Isaac has played the second-most games in his career this season. He is +194 in his plus/minus this season which leads the team.

But he has played the fewest minutes out of the rotation besides Markelle Fultz. The Magic have been protective of him with his injury history. But it is also clear that Orlando needs to maximize whatever they can get out of Isaac.

March was easily his best month in years. He averaged 9.8 points, 4.9 rebounds ad 1.5 blocks per game. He shot 65.6 percent from the field and an unconscious 62.1 percent from three.

The question is just how much will the Magic use their giant lineup and how will they integrate Isaac and all he can do on both ends of the floor into their Playoff rotation.

Isaac gives the Magic a true rim protector without sacrificing perimeter defense as he can do that too. While Isaac is in such a rhythm he can capitalize on getting more opportunities to create mismatches, knockdown open shots, and finish at the rim.

Isaac's minutes should increase as the season closes and the playoffs begin. He could very well play himself into a starting position for next season.

Joe Ingles: What can Ingles do to give the offense a needed boost?

Joe Ingles gives the Orlando Magic's bench unit a strong playmaker who can operate out of the pick-and-roll. He has been a calming presence for the roster to slow the pace down and focus on taking good shots. He provides a lot of relief and gives Cole Anthony more opportunities to play off-ball.

Ingles is 26th in the NBA in assist-to-turnover ratio and rarely makes careless mistakes. The offense does work a lot better with him on the floor. Entering Tuesday's game, the Magic have a team-best 116.1 offensive rating with him on the floor.

The Magic would improve if Ingles looked for his own shot more. The team is 28th in the NBA in threes attempted per game and 29th in threes made. Ingles is the best three-point shooter on the team and does not prioritize getting himself more opportunities.

He is attempting 3.4 shots per game, which is a career low in his 10-year career. The 6-foot-9 shooter can still shoot over the top of defenders and run off screens looking for his shot.

The Magic are desperate for more production from three and if Ingles has any more scoring juice left in the tank he should use it.

Markelle Fultz: How can Fultz identify what his role is on the court?

Markelle Fultz has struggled with injuries this season and has regressed as a player. He has fallen to seventh on the team in usage rate, which is a large jump from when he was third only a year ago.

Orlando has taken the ball out of his hands, and he is averaging a career-low in assists. But he is still seeing 21 minutes of action each night.

As a player who needs the ball in his hands to be effective and create for others, Fultz needs to find an identity as a screener and cutter heading into the playoffs.

He has a big frame for a guard at 6-foot-4, 209 pounds and has shown his ability to be physical throughout his tenure in Orlando. If he initiates actions as a screener who rolls to the basket, this can open up teammates for open shots.

This also provides the opportunity for Fultz to catch the ball going full speed at the basket. There he can finish at the rim or find teammates on the perimeter or dunker spot for open shots.

He is a hindrance to the offense when operating on the wing and allows for too much help defense by the opposition because he is not a willing shooter. If he is a screener who can use his body to seal and roll to the basket, this can allow Fultz to utilize his strengths.