One question for every Orlando Magic player heading to the Playoffs

The Orlando Magic are gearing up for the Playoffs for the first time since 2020. The team has shown the league they are capable of competing at the highest level, but every player on the team can improve in some capacity.
Orlando Magic v New Orleans Pelicans
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One question for every Orlando Magic player heading to the Playoffs

Paolo Banchero: How can Paolo start every game strong down the stretch?

Paolo Banchero is leading Orlando to a possible homecourt advantage in the playoffs. He is a first-time All-Star and has shown tremendous growth in his second season when comparing it to his rookie year.

Banchero is more efficient from the field (45.9 percent up from 42.7 percent last year) and from the three-point line (34.3 percent up from 29.8 percent) this season. And he is knocking down tough shots. He can operate on offense with several different looks.

He can operate the pick-and-roll, he can face up to the rim and make a dribble move to beat defenders or he can work with his back-to-the-basket. He can shoot pull-up jumpers, floaters, fadeaways and finishes at the rim. He is as versatile as they come and resembles well-rounded offensive players like Kevin Durant and LeBron James with his size and creation ability.

There is not much Banchero cannot do. And he is showing the NBA on a nightly basis how he can dominate games.

Banchero is 23rd in the NBA in field goal attempts in isolation, entering Tuesday's game, but does not qualify in the top 50 for points per possession. The Magic rely on him to take and make tough shots which can be difficult at times for the young forward.

He has the 25th most opportunities to score out of isolation in the league but cannot quite convert at the level like the games' elite.

One way he can start every game efficiently is by building his confidence and taking easy shots around the basket. Coach Jamahl Mosley and Paolo Banchero should work together to run early sets to get Banchero paint touches for easy finishes at the rim.

Banchero leads the team with 5.6 points per game in the first quarter. He shoots 44.3 percent from the floor. But he averages only 1.5 free throw attempts per game in the first quarter. Banchero has to be aggressive early and look to score.

The best players in the world are tasked to carry their teams and make contested shots. Banchero can do that. But building his confidence early to start each remaining game can instill confidence that will carry throughout each contest.

He is a star and if he wants to reach the next level it would be beneficial for Coach Mose to focus on getting the ball to Paolo where he is the most efficient.