Assessing the Orlando Magic's 2024 season betting lines at the midpoint of the year

The Orlando Magic started the season with limited expectations despite plenty of potential and belief in the group. At the midpoint of the season, the Magic find themselves in the playoff race and completely changing what they feel is possible. Or defying Vegas' expectations at the least.
Los Angeles Lakers v Orlando Magic
Los Angeles Lakers v Orlando Magic / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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Assessing Orlando Magic's 2024 Expectations at Midseason

CURRENT ODDS: Orlando Magic Win the Southeast Division (+185)

PRESEASON ODDS: Orlando Magic Win the Southeast Division (+645)

This one is a more interesting debate than many might think.

Currently, five wins ahead of the Atlanta Hawks and only one behind the Miami Heat, the Orlando Magic are very much in the Southeast Division race going into the second half of the season.

The problem is that the Heat is currently ahead of them, already have a 2-1 season series record over the Magic, the 23rd-ranked strength of schedule remaining, and a roster and coach who have won that division many times before. They probably do not intend to pass the torch to Orlando willingly.

The Magic have not won the division since 2019, and even that was a narrow fight that went to the end of the season. And while a division title is a small thing, it would be a point of pride for this young Magic team (or a banner to hang in the AdventHealth Training Center).

While coming in first in the Southeast Division is very much in Orlando's control, displacing Miami atop the division is probably still a work in progress.