A simple lineup change could work wonders for the Magic in Game 6

The Orlando Magic lost momentum of the series after last nights 104-103 loss to the Cavaliers and may need to make an adjustment to get things back rolling.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic - Game Three
Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic - Game Three / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Let the youngster play.

The Orlando Magic find themselves in a must-win situation on their home court to keep their season alive on Friday night. The Magic may need to make a few adjustments to the starting lineup and the bench if they want to pull off the victory.

But more importantly, the organization needs to allow the players who they believe will be a part of the future to play significant minutes if this is the last game of the year. And it would make a lot of sense to give Anthony Black an opportunity to shine.

Black got some playing time in the Magic's must-win Game 3 against the Donovan-Mitchell-led Cleveland Cavaliers. In that game, Jamah Mosley allowed Black to play seven minutes and he registered four points, two assists, and two rebounds. This was the same game that Gary Harris started and played 21 minutes in, but only could register two points and two rebounds.

Listen, I love Gary Harris’ defensive presence and his ability to stretch the floor with his three-point shooting. The thing is, Anthony Black can do the exact same thing, but better.

This year, Black is shooting .394 percent from beyond the arc, while Gary Harris is shooting .371 percent. He is also about three inches taller than Harris and has a 6-foot-10 wing span. His offensive and defensive presence was needed against the Cavaliers in Game 5, but head coach Jamahl Mosley stayed with Harris. That choice proved to be crucial as Harris played 19 minutes and had 0 points, 0 assists, and 0 rebounds. That is an unacceptable stat line for a stater on a 47-win Playoff team.

So much so that the Magic need to really consider subbing out Harris and let Anthony Black take his minutes in Game 6. In the words of Banchero: "This guy was selected number six overall for a reason." His length at the shooting guard would be a great addition to the starters. And if the Magic plan on keeping him for the future, what better way for him to get postseason playing time as a rookie?

Getting Anthony Black postseason experience could be beneficial down the line

Win, lose, or draw, the experience that Black would get while playing in another must-win scenario would be priceless, especially if he started. In the last couple of wins, he was able to see the floor in garbage time but it may be more valuable if he was able to play when the game is actually in the balance. He would be one of the only players to ever play in a Magic Playoff game as a rookie.

Everything is new to these players in Orlando because this is the first time that the Magic have competed in a Playoff series since Nikola Vucevic was here. Now, the Magic have to make the right decisions going forward with a roster of new young players who are excelling.

The Magic can't be just satisfied by just getting there at this point; they have a chance to win a critical Game 6 on their home court. Only time will tell if Black will be announced with the starters in Game 6.