7 All-Stars the Orlando Magic painfully passed on in the NBA Draft

Philadelphia 76ers v Orlando Magic
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5. Donovan Mitchell

The 2017 NBA Draft featured one of the youngest draft classes ever at the time with the most freshmen ever picked in the first round. It still produced plenty of All-Stars, however. One of them is Donovan Mitchell, who has made five All-Star teams over his seven seasons in the league. 

Mitchell is an explosive scorer who can put up huge numbers—in 2023 he even scored 71 points in a game, marking the highest-scoring game since Kobe Bryant put up 81 points in 2006—and a good playmaker. This is exactly the kind of skill set the Magic are looking to pair with franchise player Paolo Banchero now but in 2017, they decided to pass on Mitchell. 

Mitchell went only a few picks after the Magic selected Jonathan Isaac and has been clearly the better player out of the two. Isaac’s potential might have seemed bigger at the time of the draft, but due to injuries, he didn’t pan out nearly as well as Mitchell did. 

Despite his clear talent, Mitchell has yet to find some real postseason success, however. So far, he has not made it past the second round yet, and rumor has it that he might be looking for a new team to try and change that.