7 All-Stars the Orlando Magic painfully passed on in the NBA Draft

Philadelphia 76ers v Orlando Magic
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6. Julius Randle

In 2014, the Orlando Magic selected Aaron Gordon with the fourth overall pick. Gordon is a good player and incredibly fun to watch with his defensive talent and dunking ability. He did not play his best basketball in Orlando, however, as he was simply cast in the wrong role.

In Denver, Gordon has thrived as a glue guy and a huge part of the Nuggets’ 2023 championship team. He simply wasn’t the All-Star caliber guy the Magic wanted him to be. 

Just three picks after him another power forward who has gone on to be a three-time All-Star already was drafted. Julius Randle’s career took some time to take off but ever since coming to New York, he has been a reliable 20+ scorer for several seasons as well as a strong rebounder and good playmaker.

Even though he has not been healthy this season, Randle and Jalen Brunson are the foundation of this new-look Knicks team. Once he is healthy, no one will want to face this team in the East. 

The Magic may have passed on Julius Randle ten years ago, but with Paolo Banchero, they have their All-Star power forward now, and the future is bright for this young team.