6 Shooters the Magic could poach from Eastern Conference playoff rivals in free agency

The Magic are preparing for what should be an eventful offseason. They might even be able to poach some free agents from their playoff competition.
Orlando Magic v Milwaukee Bucks
Orlando Magic v Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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5. Danilo Gallinari 

After making a blockbuster trade to bring Damian Lillard to town, the Milwaukee Bucks put together a rather disappointing season. Losing to the Indiana Pacers in the first round was not part of the plan when they got Lillard. 

Still, they are expected to be in better shape next season and make some more noise in the East. Until then, the Magic could try to poach some of their free agents, though.

One of those free agents is Danilo Gallinari. At 35 and with 15 NBA seasons under his belt, Gallinari is an experienced veteran. He is also a solid three-point shooter, and that is a skill that makes him interesting to the Magic. 

Gallinari is a 38.1 percent career three-point shooter, making him a capable floor-spacer at the power forward position. That is not something the Magic have a ton of. Paolo Banchero shot well in the playoffs but struggled from three during the regular season. 

Much like Mills, Gallinari alone won't move the needle much for Orlando. He would be a cheap option to bring in some shooting, however, even if this would be far from a perfect solution. Gallinari just sat out the entire 2022-23 season with a torn ACL, so injuries and age are a concern with him.