5 things that went right (and wrong) for the Orlando Magic in the first quarter of the 2024 season

The Orlando Magic are riding high after a strong start to their season. Things could not have gone better. But as the team head stoward the midpoint of the year, there is still a lot for the team to improve.
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers
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5 things that have gone right (or wrong) in the first quarter of the Orlando Magic's season

4) Gone Wrong – Injuries

Going into the season, the Orlando Magic looked to be fully healthy with no significant injuries. But since they have played the majority of the season without starting point guard Markelle Fultz and starting center Wendell Carter. Each out with a knee and finger ailment respectively that both have been slowly returning from as the second quarter of the season gets underway.

The Magic’s bench has performed well above average in the early part of the season. Goga Bitadze and Moe Wagner have held down the front court admirably. Cole Anthony has played phenomenally. Even rookie Anthony Black has looked more comfortable by the game.

But this team has felt the absence of Wendell Carter and Markelle Fultz despite all of the success so far. 

Carter is a great two-way center who makes his presence felt by attacking and protecting the rim. Fultz has proven time and time again he is the team’s best ball distributor and can be a defensive force in his own right.

While the silver lining is the Magic have been able to learn a lot about their depth and bench players, the sad reality is this and its fans have only barely seen the roster at full strength and can only wonder how much better the record would be with more fortunate luck on the injury front.