5 Second-round steals the Magic could get at no. 47

The Magic may not have a lottery pick but could still get a steal in this year’s draft.
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#5 Bronny James

Yes, I know what everyone is thinking and I know that James gets a really bad rep, but I think that he could really help this team win one day. Most of these guys are seniors who can contribute right away, but James is worth developing, and his potential definitely makes him worth a second-round pick.

Although Bronny had minimal stats and shot poorly, he does not get enough credit for the fact that he came back the same year he went into cardiac arrest. We all saw what he was capable of in high school, and he spent most of his time at USC getting his legs back and adjusting to the game. He didn't really get a full season and he never had a chance to find his role on the team.

There is still a lot to like about Bronny. He may be one of the best perimeter defenders in the entire class, and although it came out that he was only 6'1“, he makes up for it with outstanding athleticism. He can get John Wall and Dwayne-Wade-type blocks and guard the other team’s best ball handler.

Offensively, even though he did not get a chance to find a rhythm in college, he showed that he could be an elite shooter in high school and at the combine. He shot 19-25 in the three-point shooting drill, which was second overall. He also is one of the better mid-range shooters in the class and is really good at pull-up mid-range shots after getting a defender to jump or after making a move.

His athleticism also allows him to be a pretty good finisher at the rim, go up for rebounds, and jump passing lanes. Aside from his skill he also learned basketball from possibly the greatest player to ever do it. His IQ and feel for the game are unreal, and that is not something you can really teach a player at this stage of their career.

With his elite defense, elite shooting, and elite athleticism, James has shown that he could be a perfect role player and backup point guard. Although he might not be as ready as the other players, he is definitely worth taking the risk, as the reward could be very high. Who knows, with a full offseason to train, he might even be ready to contribute sooner than we think.

Although there isn't a clear number-one guy, there is still a lot of talent in this draft class, and the Magic have a chance to steal a really talented guy late in the draft. The Magic are starting to enter win-now mode, so taking an older guy with this pick could be a good way to go. However, since it is just a second-round pick, they could also take the risk of trying to develop a younger guy.

Either way, the Magic can still get a talented player who could be a huge piece for seasons to come. Adding some offensive help and some players, who can shoot the three, is the main priority, and a lot of these guys can provide that.

It is going to be exciting to see who the Magic decide to take in this year’s draft. Even though most of the hype revolves around a team’s first-round pick, there is a lot to be excited about in the second round of this year’s draft. The Magic could come away with a big steal that will make all the other teams regret passing up.