5 Orlando Magic players at risk of being traded this summer

The Orlando Magic will be looking to build off of a playoff berth this season with a young roster. The team will look to upgrade their team with any means necessary which could result in making an offseason trade and some tough decisions on key players.
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5 Orlando Magic players at risk of being traded this summer

Joe Ingles

Joe Ingles is also a well-respected part of the Orlando Magic and is revered by everyone in the organization.

But Orlando could look to upgrade his spot in the rotation. How Ingles performs in the playoffs could go a long way to determining if he is the right veteran for this team as they evolve.

Ingles is good right now as a playmaker and calming veteran voice. But his statistical impact is limited. The threat of him has been enough.

Ingles is averaging 4.3 points per game, which is the second-lowest of his career. It has been eight years since he averaged so few points.

Father Time could be catching up to him. He clearly cannot defend and struggles running the floor to push the pace on offense or get back on defense.

Ingles is leading the team in three point percentage at 42.3 percent, but he does not take enough shots for that to be too much of a threat. He needs to find a way where he can get more opportunities to shoot because he is the team's best shooter.

Ingles still has value. His veteran voice matters for the team. But Orlando has a lot of young players -- including Jett Howard and Calbe Houstan -- eager to get playing time.

Jeff Weltman might think he could trade Ingles to give the younger guys more opportunity. If the Magic can find a valuable trade piece, Ingles' $11 million contract can be used to match salaries in a trade.

This summer there will only be four players for Orlando who have contracts worth more than $10 million per year. Ingles could be the odd man out in a trade to bring more defensive ability to the backup small forward position.

The two parts of his game that will keep him are his offensive facilitation and his camaraderie.

He is tied for third on the team in assists and is one of the main creators in the second unit. Ingles is relied on to operate out of the pick and roll to find shooters on the perimeter or passes to cutters to the basket. This has been his best asset while in Orlando.

He also is likable and gives the team some added swagger. He is not afraid to talk trash and be competitive. This gives the young Magic some personality to the roster and a leader on the court.

He has only just arrived in Orlando, but the team could trade him based on his lack of athleticism at 36 years old.