5 Orlando Magic players at risk of being traded this summer

The Orlando Magic will be looking to build off of a playoff berth this season with a young roster. The team will look to upgrade their team with any means necessary which could result in making an offseason trade and some tough decisions on key players.

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5 Orlando Magic players at risk of being traded this summer

Caleb Houstan

Caleb Houstan is in a similar boat to Jett Howard. He has great size at 6-foot-8 and is still only 21 years old.

But he too has had limited time on the court and has been up and down when he does hit the floor. The former second-round pick has talent but might be used in a trade this summer, especially to shore up his role as the spot starter he has become.

Orlando may just need someone more reliable and consistent when called upon.

He is averaging 4.3 points per game and shooting 36.7 percent from three. And that is with a major green light to shoot when he does play meaningful minutes.

Houstan has improved his three-point percentage this year and is taking more attempts from distance. He has a 55.2 percent effective field goal percentage. That is an improvement from last year as he has played a bigger role more often.

But his minutes have decreased from last season despite his role as the spot starter -- he has 11 starts this year.

He fits a need for this Magic team as a shooter, but he does not add much else on the offensive end.

He rarely dribbles and is not a passer. He is as one-dimensional of an offensive player as you will see.

He moves well without the ball and can shoot over defenders using his length. But he is purely a catch-and-shoot weapon.

And he has had precious few games where he made enough shots to justify that moniker and the attempts he tends to take when he gets minutes -- he has 14 games where he shot more than five 3-point attempts, but made 50 percent in only two of those games.

If the Magic feel they can garner a solid return for a young player with a modest contract of $2 million per year, then they could explore a trade involving Houstan.

Orlando probably views him as a part of the future. He is under contract for the next two seasons, but he might be included in a larger deal to bring in win-now, elite veteran players.