5 Orlando Magic needs missed at the trade deadline and how to fill them in the offseason

The Orlando Magic let the trade deadline pass without making any moves, content to see how far this group could go now that they are healthy and facing a more manageable schedule. They still have lingering questions and needs to fill with missed opportunities and options this offseason.
The Orlando Magic missed out on acquiring Buddy Hield. So what direction should they go to fill the needs on the roster?
The Orlando Magic missed out on acquiring Buddy Hield. So what direction should they go to fill the needs on the roster? / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
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5 Orlando Magic Needs Missed at the Deadline, and How To Fill Them

Size, Versatility

At the end of the day, a lot of the Orlando Magic's roster decisions go back to their core philosophy.

They want size and versatility. They want players who can be point guards and work off the ball. They want players who can switch on and off the ball.

At this stage of the team's development, the team seemed less willing to compromise on that. They were not going to grab a player that fit this ideal. It is why the team picked Trevelin Queen over Mac McClung in training camp. It is why the Magic probably passed on Tyus Jones.

The Magic have an ideal version of the players they want. They want to be able to switch on defense and be amorphous on that end. For this season, at least, they wanted to stick to that identity as they set their foundation.

At some point, Orlando is going to have to compromise these values to fill important needs for this team.

This team's ideal, though, remains to play its five best players at all times. They love being able to throw big lineups with Jonathan Isaac, Franz Wagner and Paolo Banchero on the floor together. They can shift those either to go big or small, as the game calls for.

No matter who the Magic add or what skills they need, they are going to look to live to this ideal. They want bigger players for their defense and to create advantages on offense.

What Could Have Been

PJ Washington Trade 02.19.24

There were not a lot of these versatile players swapped at the trade deadline. Maybe Harrison Barnes of the Sacramento Kings was on the market. But he did not make a lot of sense.

The best out there was the Dallas Mavericks' acquisition of P.J. Washington, giving up on defensive big Grant Williams and bench shooter Seth Curry. None of those players fit what the Orlando Magic want to do or the versatility they tend to seek.

Washington would have at least been interesting because he is a versatile defender. But he does not solve the Magic's lack of size at center. Maybe that is something worth thinking about and just fully embracing a small, quick, versatile team.

Wendell Carter is probably better for now. And the Mavericks paid a lot to get Washington. Certainly, more than the Magic want to spend on someone who is not a clear upgrade for them.

Where They Could Go

So, what is out there in terms of size and versatility? That is a hard thing to find. And teams tend to try to hold onto them.

It does not seem likely the Orlando Magic are interested in D'Angelo Russell because of his poor defense -- the Orlando Magic were tossed around as a third team in the Dejounte Murray-to-the-Los-Angeles-Lakers rumors because nobody wanted him.

But there is something there. Russell is a bigger point guard who can play off-ball effectively. There is value in that, and with his ability to shoot and score in bunches, that would boost the Magic offense. It is not as wild as it seems.

Sacramento Kings guard Malik Monk also could be a fit there. He runs some point guard for the Kings. He is an improving passer and playmaker. That might help his case to join the Magic despite his lack of size.

Next. Banchero has next 02.19.24. Paolo Banchero eager to prove he has next. dark

The other option to look at is Kyle Anderson. But Anderson plays forward and the Magic do not really need more of those.