5 Orlando Magic needs missed at the trade deadline and how to fill them in the offseason

The Orlando Magic let the trade deadline pass without making any moves, content to see how far this group could go now that they are healthy and facing a more manageable schedule. They still have lingering questions and needs to fill with missed opportunities and options this offseason.
The Orlando Magic missed out on acquiring Buddy Hield. So what direction should they go to fill the needs on the roster?
The Orlando Magic missed out on acquiring Buddy Hield. So what direction should they go to fill the needs on the roster? / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
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5 Orlando Magic Needs Missed at the Deadline, and How To Fill Them

Point Guard

If there was one long-term need that seemed to get a lot of attention at the trade deadline, it was at point guard.

Orlando Magic fans were focused intently on every point guard on the market. It could have been a veteran like Malcolm Brogdon, an up-and-comer like Tyus Jones or an All-Star like Dejounte Murray.

It seems like the biggest need the Magic will focus on this offseason is finding a point guard, considering Markelle Fultz's shortcomings as a shooter and his history of injuries.

The Magic have the excuse to think about it this offseason with Fultz entering free agency.

Fultz will still get his chance to show he can get himself right and be a bigger factor for the team. But his shooting issues are becoming more challenging for the Magic to overcome and work around despite the positive things he does on the court.

Expect the Magic to put their focus on point guard for any major upgrade this offseason.

The point guard market at the trade deadline proved to be a bit of a dud.

None of the aforementioned guards that many expected to get moved got dealt. It seems like the Atlanta Hawks are waiting for the offseason to figure out their future. The Washington Wizards found no takers for Jones. And Brogdon ended up going out with tendinitis right at the deadline, probably scaring some teams away.

It feels like the point guard market hit a status quo. Nobody was willing to meet whatever price there was. And the Magic did not seem interested in bidding against themselves. Or they know they can address it in a similar market this offseason when they have cap room to wield around.

What Could Have Been

Schroder Dinwiddie Trade 02.18.24

There were only three trades of note where point guards moved.

The first was Monte Morris going from the Detroit Pistons to the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Timberwolves needed a backup point guard, and they grabbed a veteran for their playoff push. And the other one was Cory Joseph going from the Golden State Warriors to the Indiana Pacers.

There just was not a lot of action with point guards moving at the deadline.

The most significant move was a smaller-scale deal. The Brooklyn Nets sent out Spencer Dinwiddie for veteran Dennis Schroder. Both of those players would have been short-term moves to shore up the team this year. Schroder or Dinwiddie might have been able to provide some shooting for the Orlando Magic this year. But they are not long-term solutions.

That is what the Magic are looking for. And so there appeared not to be a deal in place this time around.

Where they could go

Not addressing the point guard position at the deadline will put some urgency on the position for the summer. And all the options that were available at the deadline still exist.

With the Magic having some cap room, they could use that room to go after Tyus Jones. He was the favorite among Magic fans when they discussed the trade deadline.

It is still uncertain how interested the Magic were in acquiring Jones. But they had a reason to wait on him rather than giving up some assets to get him now. That proved to be the right move, considering no one came up with a deal to get him from the Washington Wizards.

Or maybe that is a sign that no one saw him as worth using as a starting point guard on a winning team.

Jones should be on the target list for the summer. Despite his size and questionable defense, he is an efficient shooter and passer. He can be a tone-setter and work off the ball offensively. There is a clear fit there. The Magic should be able to cover for him better defensively than the Wizards can.

Expect the Magic to have their eyes on Jones this offseason.