5 best Shaquille O'Neal moments with the Orlando Magic

Shaquille O'Neal's No. 32 jersey will finally be in the rafters at Kia Center. As one of the Orlando Magic's best of all time, we look back on the five best moments from his time in Orlando.
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5 best Shaquille O'Neal moments with the Orlando Magic

2. Shaq shuts the Boston Garden doors in place of Magic history

May 5, 1995: Orlando wins first playoff series in franchise history in Celtics' final game at the famed Boston Garden

This was the beginning of the Orlando Magic dynasty.

After getting swept in the first round the year prior by the Indiana Pacers, Shaquille O'Neal and company were hungry for a playoff series win. Heck, even a game would have been nice to start.

They got one, and then two and then three. The third of which came in Game 4 of the series, where Shaquille O'Neal's 25-point, 13-rebound performance led Orlando to the club's first-ever playoff series victory.

At the same time, it ended up being Boston's final game played in The Boston Garden, a place for decades that gave opponents nightmares on the parquet. It hosted 16 Celtic championship teams, but it would not be 17, courtesy of the Magic.

As O'Neal famously said after the game, "The Garden is closed."

Not this go-around. O'Neal took over late. After a free throw put Orlando up 93-91, he played stifling defense in back-to-back possessions.

Then on the final possesion, O'Neal back-tapped the ball off a potential game-tying three-pointer with three seconds to play, not allowing the Celtics another shot at tying the game.

It was O'Neal's performance that entire series that led the Magic to their first series win and second-round appearance. But this game was the cherry on top.

Not to be forgotten, he put up a casual 20/20 game in Game 3 - 20 points, 21 boards - and a 23/11 stat line to open the series with a rout at home, 124-77 in the Magic's first playoff victory.

As the Boston Celtics dynasty faded and their gym closed, O'Neal and the Magic were starting their new dynasty.