5 best Shaquille O'Neal moments with the Orlando Magic

Shaquille O'Neal's No. 32 jersey will finally be in the rafters at Kia Center. As one of the Orlando Magic's best of all time, we look back on the five best moments from his time in Orlando.
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5 best Shaquille O'Neal moments with the Orlando Magic

3. Shaq's first triple-double, Diesel-style

Nov. 20, 1993: Shaquille O'Neal's notches first triple-double in dominant fashion

Player A records a triple-double. Their stat line: 24, 28 and 15. Which numbers are you assigning where for said player?

For Shaquille O'Neal, it was this: 24 points, 28 rebounds, 15 blocks. The second-year bruiser, nursing a cold against the New Jersey Nets (they are becoming a theme in this piece), went for his first triple-double in an era where triple-doubles were few and far between.

O'Neal during his rookie year was something special.

At 285 pounds, he was lightweight and flying everywhere on the court -- at least by his own standards. He is third all-time in blocks by a rookie with 286 (only trailing David Robinson and Manute Bol). That 15-block game is the second-most ever in a game and the single-game most in Orlando Magic history.

This could be considered O'Neal's best career game given the numbers -- career-high 28 rebounds and 15 blocks when it was all said and done, and done in only three quarters of work! A solid day for young Diesel.

With the boom in triple-doubles (including some 60-point games) in this modern, O'Neal's performance has been largely forgotten. But it is still an all-timer in his Magic moments.