5 All-Stars the Orlando Magic missed drafting by just one pick

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3. Andrew Bynum 

In 2005, the Orlando Magic used their 11th overall pick to draft Fran Vazquez out of Spain. The center had an incredibly successful career in Spain, retiring in 2020 as the Spanish League’s all-time leader in blocks and with several titles under his belt. 

Considering how well he played in Europe, no one can really blame him for not wanting to leave. Despite being such a high draft pick, he decided not to go to the NBA, so the Magic essentially wasted their lottery pick that year.

While the draft was not incredibly stacked behind Vazquez, the Magic missed out on an All-Star and future champion by just one pick. Andrew Bynum went 10th that year.

Bynum spent 8 seasons in the NBA, averaging 11.5 points, 7.7 rebounds, 1.2 assists, and 1.6 blocks for his career. He made one All-Star team in 2012 and won two championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. For two seasons, the center was the youngest player in the NBA, playing his first preseason game at only 17 years old. 

While Andrew Bynum is not the biggest name out there, he had some great NBA seasons and certainly produced more than the Magic’s draft pick that year.