5 All-Stars the Orlando Magic missed drafting by just one pick

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4. De’Aaron Fox

If Jonathan Isaac did not have so much injury trouble throughout his NBA career, we would not be talking about this. Isaac has the potential to be the best individual defender in the NBA as well as a capable offensive player. 

He has never quite gotten there, however, as he has only played more than 50 games in a season twice over his five active seasons in the league. While the potential is still there, it doesn’t seem like he will ever be a consistent contributor, and the Magic might have been better off drafting someone else with the sixth overall pick in 2017. 

They missed Sacramento Kings’ star De’Aaron Fox by just one pick, as he went fifth that year. Fox did not make the All-Star team this year, but he finished the season eighth in scoring across the league. Right now, the Magic could really use a dynamic two-way guard of Fox’s caliber. 

Fox is not the only big name the Magic missed in that draft. Lauri Markkanen went seventh, right after Isaac. While it took Markkanen some time to reach the big stage, he is now widely regarded as an All-Star-level talent in the NBA. 

Other than him, the 2017 draft also still had Donovan Mitchell and Bam Adebayo available when it was the Magic’s turn to make a pick.