4 Point Guards the Orlando Magic could target in free agency 

Orlando Magic v Washington Wizards
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2. Malik Monk

Malik Monk has been linked to the Magic for quite some time now, and the team’s lack of offense in the playoffs showed exactly why. Monk might not be a traditional point guard, but he has become a great playmaker, dishing out an average of 5.1 assists per game in the 2023-24 season. 

He could certainly make life easier for Paolo Banchero, Franz Wagner, and Jalen Suggs on offense. Banchero and Wagner need someone else to create for them and the rest of the team. Monk can do that. 

Suggs, meanwhile, seems overtaxed as a third scoring option at this point of his career. Monk could help with that as well. He is a walking bucket who can put up around 15 points a game and save the team in clutch situations. He did both consistently with the Kings. 

Monk can make offense out of nothing, and even though his percentages were not that great in the 2023-24 season, opponents respect him from behind the arc. So, the 26-year-old could really help the Magic out offensively, and the team should be more than able to make up for any of his defensive shortcomings. 

Monk might not be as flashy of a name as Paul George, Klay Thompson, or Dejounte Murray, but he could help the Magic solve a bunch of their most important issues.