4 Playoff X-Factors for the Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic are in the final countdown of the regular season as they aim to clinch their spot in the Playoffs. With the postseason on the horizon, there are several players who could determine their postseason fate.

Orlando Magic v Toronto Raptors
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4 Playoff X-Factors for the Orlando Magic

Anthony Black

Anthony Black has the potential to be a huge contributor in just his first season with the Orlando Magic.

His 6-foot-7 frame with his athleticism makes him a defensive body the Magic can throw at opposing teams' star players and ball handlers to give them some new looks and let the main rotation players get some rest.

Black has rarely backed down from these moments and he has been a better-than-expected shooter at 38.6 percent, albeit on limited attempts.

With the Magic most likely ending up as somewhere between the 3- and 6-seed, they will probably have to play either Jalen Brunson, Donovan Mitchell or Tyrese Haliburton in the first round. Jalen Suggs, Markelle Fultz and Gary Harris will guard those players primarily. But in a seven-game series having a young and hungry Black out there could impact the defensive side of the ball and frustrate their opponents' guards.

His size and versatility on that end have proven valuable throughout the season. The Magic have leaned on him throughout the year in critical spots, including early in the season when Markelle Fultz was out with an injury.

Offensively, with Black's athleticism and length, he could get to the rim and if he is aggressive he can draw some fouls. Free throws and shots in the paint are even more important in the playoffs where every bucket matters.

Black can also hit the open three and if he is getting to the rim he might be able to suck in some defenders and create some open looks for his teammates.

The Magic have done well to limit Black's role and give him simple tasks throughout the season. But he is a potential defensive game changer and someone who can make defenses pay for ignoring him too much.

Whether Black would play in a playoff rotation is anybody's guess however.

He is currently out of the Magic's rotation and rookies are notoriously dificult to play in the Playoffs. There are still a lot of growing pains for him to go through and the Magic have seemingly had less patience for htem as the postseason race gets tighter.

But if Orlando turns to him in the Playoffs, he can contribute and flip a game on its head to give the Magic a chance.

Look for him to be a big part of Magic playoff runs in the coming years.