4 Players the Orlando Magic could dangle in trade talks this summer

If the Magic want to add some impactful talent, they might have to explore the trade market.
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1. Jonathan Isaac

Jonathan Isaac is arguably the most controversial player on this Magic roster. On the one hand, he still has the potential to be one of the best defenders in the league, which is lethal when paired with Jalen Suggs, and he just played the second-most games in a season for his entire career. 

On the other hand, injuries are still a concern, however, and playing Isaac requires constant load management. It's been seven years since the Magic drafted Isaac sixth overall, and one could argue that he will just never reach his full potential at this point. 

This is one of the Magic's biggest dilemmas this summer in a nutshell. Isaac is due around $17 million next season. Since he missed so much time, that number is not guaranteed, however, and the Magic need to decide what to do with him. 

Again, his defensive upside is immense, especially for a team that built its identity on the defensive end, but $17 million is a lot of money for someone who might be sitting on the bench with an injury. 

He would also be the highest-paid player on the roster and, thus, someone the Magic could ship out in a big trade. They don't have a lot of significant salaries attached to interesting players, but Isaac could catch some teams' attention.