4 Players the Orlando Magic could dangle in trade talks this summer

If the Magic want to add some impactful talent, they might have to explore the trade market.
Orlando Magic v Toronto Raptors
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3. Anthony Black 

Anthony Black struggled to crack Jamahl Mosley's rotation consistently and mostly only played significant minutes when other players were injured. That is not uncommon for a rookie joining a playoff team, though, and says little about Black's potential. 

The 20-year-old showed great defensive ability for such a young player and shot the three well on a very low volume. He will have to prove himself as a consistent shooter and playmaker to earn more minutes next season, but the Magic seem to be high on him. The idea of a 6'7" point guard who can defend, stretch the floor, and set up his teammates surely is enticing. 

Other teams will likely think the same thing and might ask for Black in any trade, especially if it is a rebuilding team like the Trail Blazers. Trading Black so early in his career would hurt incredibly, but might be worth it for the right player. It would have to be someone the Magic are incredibly sure could push them to the next level. 

In the end, it comes down to whether the Magic value future upside or winning now more. While we cannot know what they will do for sure, we should expect the Magic to try and keep Black, even if they are determined to explore the trade market.