4 biggest takeaways from Orlando Magic's first four games in Playoffs

The Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers have played to a stale mate in the first four games of their series with the home team holding serve. As the teams head for the high-pressured final three games, here is what we have learned so far.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic - Game Three
Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic - Game Three / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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4 biggest takeaways from Orlando Magic's first four games in Playoffs

Jalen Suggs is the key for the next three games

As much as the Orlando Magic need to know they can count on Franz Wagner, it is up to Jalen Suggs to perform when the Cleveland Cavaliers inevitably bring their A-game (or at least something better than what they have brought in these last few games).

During this series, we have seen the Magic and the Cavaliers play well, but neither at the same time in the same game.

If Franz Wagner and Paolo Banchero perform well, they will still need another player to help carry the load if the Cavaliers are also playing well. That player will need to be Suggs.

Suggs came out of the gates as cold as ice and to add injury to insult, he suffered a left knee sprain and bone bruise in Game 2. So after shooting a combined 6 for 21 and 1 for 10 from three in the first couple of games in the series, Suggs returned to the Kia Center with his body and confidence bruised and battered.

But his resolve remained as he played well in the last two games for the Magic averaging 19.5 points on 13-for-18 shooting from the field.

His play, along with the rejuvenated shooting strokes for Orlando, headline the reasons as to why this series is tied.

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So going into Game 5 and beyond, it is very important for Suggs to support Banchero and Wagner in their quest to put the ball in the basket.