3 ways Wendell Carter can make the Orlando Magic even more potent

Wendell Carter has been a very good player ever since he got a fresh restart with the Orlando Magic. He has been a great defender who has been able to provide much-needed spacing on offense. At just 24 years old, there are still ways Carter can improve even more.
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3 Ways Wendell Carter can make the Orlando Magic more potent


Lastly, Wendell Carter can improve by going back to being the dominant rebounder he was early in his Orlando Magic tenure.

In the 2022 season, Carter averaged 10.5 rebounds per game. That number dipped to 8.7 last season, nearly two rebounds per game less. And in five games played this season, he is averaging 8.6 rebounds per game.

His offensive rebounding has remained the same, it hovers around 2.2-2.3 per game each season but his defensive rebounding has dipped from being in the 8-range to the 6-range.

Carter is one of the strongest guys in the league, he needs to use that to his advantage again like he did a couple of seasons ago.

After all, finishing off defensive possessions with a rebound is the key to becoming a great defensive team.

All in all, Carter is simply a very solid player. He is exactly the type of center this team needs.

Some of these things were a bit nit-picky but they are still important as the Magic continue to improve and especially when they get to the Playoffs.

The Magic will need Carter to be healthy in their upcoming stretch of games too, as 18 of their next 24 games are against teams in the top six in their conference. The other six opponents who are not include the Memphis Grizzlies with a returning Ja Morant in the lineup and the Golden State Warriors who are always tough. And also, the Orlando Magic face the Atlanta Hawks twice, a team they lost to earlier this season in Mexico City.

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Carter is still just getting back onto the court after having the cast removed from his left hand. He was on the court doing workouts for the first time before Friday's game against the Detroit Pistons. It will still be some time before he returns. But he will jump in at a critical time for the Magic.