3 ways Wendell Carter can make the Orlando Magic even more potent

Wendell Carter has been a very good player ever since he got a fresh restart with the Orlando Magic. He has been a great defender who has been able to provide much-needed spacing on offense. At just 24 years old, there are still ways Carter can improve even more.
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3 Ways Wendell Carter can make the Orlando Magic more potent

3-Point shooting

The first way Wendell Carter can improve even more is by becoming a great 3-point shooter.

Three-point shooting is vital in today's league at all five positions. If a player is not a good three-point shooter, he needs to be simply very very good at another part of the game to justify coaches to put him on the floor to make up for the lack of three-point shooting.

He already is a very solid three-point shooter for a big man. He shot 35.6 percent last season on 3.9 attempts per game. If he can get that number up to the 38-plus percent range, it will help the Magic a ton, specifically Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner, as their driving lanes would open up a ton.

More specifically, Carter needs to make defenses pay for leaving him open. Defenses often do that in order to stop Banchero or Wagner from driving.

Last season, Carter shot 34.2 percent on wide-open threes (this is when the nearest defender is six or more feet away). He got 2.8 wide-open three-point attempts per game and made exactly one.

If Carter can become a respectable 3-point shooter from the corners, it will make the Magic that much more potent.

This season, as great as Goga Bitadze has been in Wendell Carter's absence, the only knock on him has been his inability to space the floor. At times, there have been instances where Banchero or Wagner drove to the basket but ran out of real estate due to the log jam of bodies there.