3 veterans the Orlando Magic should watch in trade deadline plans

The Orlando Magic head into the trade deadline not projecting to be huge buyers. That being said, there are a few veteran players they could target as help alongside Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner.
The Orlando Magic need shooting and could look to a few Sacramento Kings players to help boost their offense at the trade deadline.
The Orlando Magic need shooting and could look to a few Sacramento Kings players to help boost their offense at the trade deadline. / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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3 veterans the Orlando Magic should watch at the trade deadline

Kevin Huerter - G, Sacramento Kings (3 years/$50 million)

Another Sacramento Kings player being floated around in rumors, Kevin Huerter is another strong outside shooter the Orlando Magic could acquire at the deadline. The Kings have moved him to the bench recently in favor of Chris Duarte due to a downtick in outside scoring efficiency. That could be a reason he becomes available at the deadline.

While not a super veteran like his current teammate Harrison Barnes, Kevin Huerter's appearance in the playoffs in three straight seasons (including a 10.0/4.5/3.3 statline in the 2021 Eastern Conference Finals with the Atlanta Hawks) would be a welcome experience nonetheless.

This season, Huerter is averaging 33.0 percent from deep this year, a career low so far this year. His scoring average dropped from 15.2 points per game in last year's breakout season for the Kings to a career-low 9.5 points per game this season. What the league is seeing from Huerter this season may not be who he actually is.

Despite the recent struggles, the 25-year-old at his best is in the upper echelon of three-point scorers. Last season (his first with the Kings), he averaged career highs in points, field goal percentage (48.5 percent) and three-point percentage (40.2).

Huerter is a 38.0 percent career three-point shooter, making it feel like this season is an outlier.

The Kings' fast-paced pass-first offense forced their opponents to continue switching, eventually leading to an open Huerter.

That offense sounds pretty familiar and it should be.

The Magic this season thrive on drive and kick opportunities when it comes to three-point shooting. Huerter would be the perfect recipient to get those opportunities on the bench.

On the defensive end, Huerter is not super strong but has been decently reliable as an on-ball perimeter defender.

Here's the catch though. Huerter does not fit perfect in Orlando. Or at least, not as well as Barnes does.

The Magic have a good amount of guard play in the lineup - Cole Anthony, Markelle Fultz, Anthony Black, Caleb Houstan and even Jett Howard and Trevelin Queen are all getting solid minutes in some capacity.

Huerter would have to come in and compete for a sixth man/key bench player with Cole Anthony if he does make his way over in a trade and might need a Markelle Fultz-like return for Sacramento.

It will be a more expensive package and a more one-sided role for Huerter in Orlando but could fit as a playoff piece in the summer.