3 Potential trade candidates the Orlando Magic should avoid at all costs 

While the Magic could potentially benefit from adding a high-level, offensive-minded player to the mix, not every big name out there would be a great fit. Orlando definitely shouldn't make a trade this summer just to get another star. 
Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls
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1. Michael Porter Jr. 

After a disappointing playoff showing that ended with a 98-90 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, people have been speculating about what the Nuggets will do with Michael Porter Jr. The second apron is looming, and Denver doesn't have many options to improve the roster outside the draft. 

Because of his shooting ability, several mock trades sent Porter to the Magic. During the regular season, he shot 39.7 percent on 6.8 attempts per game, and that actually marks the worst shooting percentage of his career (if you exclude the 2021-22 season when he only played nine games). 

So, if we're only looking at shooting, Porter could be a solid fit on the Magic. They could slide Franz Wagner to the shooting guard spot and have Porter stretch the floor. 

Other than that, he does not address many of the team's needs, however. A big majority of his three-point attempts this season were catch-and-shoot looks. That is fine on a Nuggets team with Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. They don't need Porter to create a lot but rather play off of his teammates and stretch the floor. 

In Orlando, that would look much different. The Magic need playmaking, and Porter does not usually provide that. We have never seen him be asked to create much at the NBA level, and his production might dip without elite playmakers around him. 

Overall, it just seems that the Magic should rather be looking for a three-point threat who can also provide some playmaking.