3 Potential trade candidates the Orlando Magic should avoid at all costs 

While the Magic could potentially benefit from adding a high-level, offensive-minded player to the mix, not every big name out there would be a great fit. Orlando definitely shouldn't make a trade this summer just to get another star. 
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2. Brandon Ingram 

Since getting Zion Williamson, who was supposed to be a franchise-altering, generational talent, the New Orleans Pelicans have not found much postseason success. The big three of Williamson, Brandon Ingram, and CJ McCollum have struggled to stay healthy, and some things just don't seem to click. It may be time to focus more on Trey Murphy III and Herb Jones. 

So, Brandon Ingram could be on his way out of New Orleans. He only has one year left on his contract, and if the Pelicans think he won't re-sign, they might want to trade him rather than lose him for nothing. After the Pelicans were swept in the first round, the Magic were listed as one of the betting favorites to land the forward for a while. 

That prediction seemed to be based more on the Magic's financial ability to potentially absorb Ingram's contract than the actual fit on the court. The Magic already have their two starting forwards and could use a high-level guard or center more than another forward. 

Plus, the Magic need three-point shooters. Ingram can hit threes, shooting 36.2 percent for his career, but he is not a great outside threat. He has also shown the ability to make plays at the forward spot, but he is not a table-setter, like the Magic need.

Getting Ingram would mean doubling up on many of the same skills the Magic already have on the team rather than diversifying their offensive attack. That just doesn't seem like the right move to make this summer.