3 Players the Orlando Magic could trade or cut this summer but shouldn't

Orlando is expected to be active this offseason to improve its roster. But which players with uncertain futures should Orlando make sure to retain to keep the progress rolling?
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2. Jonathan Isaac

To many Magic fans, Jonathan Isaac’s return is probably an expected inevitability. He is one of the best young defensive players in the league, and he just completed one of his healthiest seasons as a professional, playing in 58 games.

Why would Orlando consider letting him leave now?

Well for starters—Isaac’s contract is not guaranteed for the upcoming season. If for some reason Orlando wanted to clear more cap space, moving Isaac would free up $17.4M for the NBA team that already has plenty to spend this offseason.

Additionally, for all the reasons previously mentioned, Isaac has become a very popular piece in many proposed trades for Orlando this offseason. Probably the most valuable asset short of Paolo Banchero or Franz Wagner (neither of which are expected to be for sale anytime soon, if ever), Isaac’s increased value on the trade market has also made him a question mark to return to Orlando next season.

If Orlando pursues a player via trade such as Trae Young, Dejounte Murray, or Donavan Mitchell the likelihood is that the other team would request Isaac be part of the deal. If Orlando needed to clear more cap space in order to sign a big-time free agent such as Paul George, cutting Isaac gives one of the richest teams of the offseason even more money to spend on a big fish (or two).

Despite the money committed to him or the obvious trade value for a still young former lottery pick, Orlando’s ideal summer would include keeping Isaac due to him being the team’s best defender, his ability to play small-ball center, his versatile skillset, still rising potential, and frankly, to see through the investment they made by drafting him sixth overall in 2017. Because of his injury history, the jury is still out on how good Isaac could be, and Orlando deserves to be the team that sees that question through.