3 Magic players who earned untouchable status, 2 who should be cut loose 

Orlando Magic v Detroit Pistons
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Markelle Fultz should be cut loose

Markelle Fultz will be a free agent this summer, and even though he has voiced a desire to return to Orlando, bringing him back should not be a priority for the team. First of all, Fultz just cannot stay healthy. In his entire career, he only played 65 or more games once, and that was years ago. 

Secondly, he has not developed a three-point shot yet. Fultz is a good playmaker and passer, and the Magic desperately need someone to run the starting lineup and take the pressure of creating out of Paolo Banchero’s and Franz Wagner’s hands. That someone needs to be available for the majority of the season, however, and be able to stretch the floor. Fultz provides neither, making him a better fit on another team. 

Back in 2017, Fultz was the number-one pick for a reason. He has potential, but if he can never be healthy enough to fulfill that potential, the Magic are better off spending their money on a more reliable point guard with an outside shot. They already have Jonathan Isaac as their “he could be great if he can stay healthy” prospect and do not need another one. 

Fultz is still a good player when he is on the court, but he just doesn’t seem to be what the Magic need right now.