3 Keys to an Orlando Magic Series with the New York Knicks

The playoffs are around the corner. And the Orlando Magic and New York Knicks seem to be on a collision course for the first round. What will be the keys to their potential matchup?

Orlando Magic v New York Knicks
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3 Keys to a Potential Orlando Magic-New York Knicks Series

Who can be the better team in the paint?

The Orlando Magic were also dominant in the paint against the New York Knicks. Winning the paint has always been the biggest key for the Magic and their offense. And if rebounding is going to be a key, you know the paint will be equally as big.

This has indeed been key for the Magic in their three wins.

On Jan. 15, they had 52 points in the paint against the Knicks and they also had 60 in the win on Feb. 14. Both games had the Magic winning that battle in lopsided fashion and they matched the Knicks for the same amount of paint points during the win in December.

This is expected to be something that could help them in a first round series against the Knicks as Orlando is eighth in the NBA in points in the paint per game.

This efficiency with points in the paint in the two wins over New York comes in large part with Orlando's tendency to try and get at the rim for close, two-point shots and fouls to give the team chances at the line. The Magic are eighth in the league in the amount of points from 2-pointers per game.

The Knicks got hammered by the Magic in the paint in their three losses, but that has not been the case this year. New York is sixth in the league giving up 46.6 points in the paint per game. The Knicks typically do well to keep players out of the interior.

Orlando struggled with that especially in the loss in March. Orlando had only 26 points in the paint on 13-for-41 shooting against New York that day. The Magic cannot expect an easy path to the basket at any point.

Defending the paint is also key. Orlando ranks eighth in the league, giving up 47.7 points int he paint per game this season. New York is 19th in the league scoring 48.8 points in the paint per game. The Magic will want to keep the Knicks on the perimeter but they have to be wary of collapsing the paint too much.

It makes for a good clash of offensive styles.

In short, a lot of the offensive success that the Magic have found this season has come from how they control the painted area during games, leading this to be a big time story in a potential playoff series versus New York.

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The great play from Banchero, the Orlando battle to win the painted area by getting inside early and often on offense and the tenacity to match New York on the boards are all things needed if Orlando wants to get a first round series win over New York