3 Keys to an Orlando Magic Playoff Series with the Cleveland Cavaliers

The playoffs are around the corner. And the Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers are on pace for a possible first-round matchup. What will be the keys to that series be?
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers
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3 Keys to an Orlando Magic Playoff Series with the Cleveland Cavaliers

Bench Players can give the Orlando Magic a lift

The Orlando Magic have grown to have one of the best benches in the NBA and they have been key in the four games the Magic have played the Cleveland Cavaliers. It can be either the entire bench unit or as little as one player, but someone has always come out and made an impact early and often.

Moe Wagner has been someone who has stood out with the sheer amount of shots he takes in each contest. In the four games versus Cleveland, he took at least seven shots in all the games and finished with 22 and 15 points in two of those games.

On Feb. 22, the night Moe Wagner had 22 off the bench, his fellow bench players Cole Anthony and Joe Ingles had a combined 25 points on a combined 10-for-12 shooting.

If Orlando can continue to keep Cleveland on its toes and get the team's bench going while some of its main scorers are out. It would be huge for the team.

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Offense would be the name of the game in this series as these two teams are built around their defenses. That is why they are where they are today. So many facets of Orlando's offense will be the reason a playoff series win over the Cavaliers may be possible.