3 Assistant Coach candidates for the Orlando Magic to pursue

The Magic are still looking to fill the void that Nate Tibbetts left as he left as the assistant coach and became the head coach of the Phoenix Mercury. The Magic still ended up having a successful season with a 47-35 record, but there is a question as to how much Orlando would've been with Tibbetts on the sideline. Now it's time to fill the hole left by Nate and decide how to do so.
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1. Terry Stotts

Terry Stotts has nothing else but built great offenses in the past with the Portland Trail Blazers around Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum. Stotts constantly built top 5 offenses with his Blazers teams but often struggled on the defensive end.

Luckily, the Magic have already implemented their defensive identity in culture and in personnel. The Magic struggled offensively, posting a 112.9 offensive rating, which ranked 22nd in the NBA. Adding an offensive mind to this team should help propel the Magic to reach the next level on that end of the floor.

The Magic have not had a top-15 offense since Dwight Howard, and this is the weak point of this current Magic team. No one is asking Stotts to take the reins as the head coach, but having a strong coaching staff in all aspects is key to building a championship team.

Stotts also has extensive coaching experience, most notably spending nine years in Portland and earning eight Coach of the Month awards in seven winning seasons. The experience with the offense would be a plus for this Magic team.

If Stotts is willing to take an assistant coach seat, the Magic should take a look at Terry as an option.

In the end, the Magic have a busy offseason ahead, and this assistant coach search has flown under the radar. The hole left by Nate Tibbetts has been felt, and the Magic need to work to fill the void progressively. The Magic have built a defensive identity and culture, but this is another opportunity to add offensive thinking to the mix.