3 Assistant Coach candidates for the Orlando Magic to pursue

The Magic are still looking to fill the void that Nate Tibbetts left as he left as the assistant coach and became the head coach of the Phoenix Mercury. The Magic still ended up having a successful season with a 47-35 record, but there is a question as to how much Orlando would've been with Tibbetts on the sideline. Now it's time to fill the hole left by Nate and decide how to do so.
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2. Penny Hardaway

Penny Hardaway would be an interesting hire as someone who has no NBA coaching experience, but was an all-NBA level player and has seen college coaching success. This would only make sense if Hardaway would be interested in taking a leap to the NBA. The Magic have already made a hire like this in the past when they brought in Patrick Ewing. Ewing was an assistant coach for the Magic and also worked with Dwight Howard in his development.

Hardaway would not only be able to work with Banchero, and Wagner but also the young guards on the Magic's roster. Anthony Black and Jalen Suggs would be able to learn and develop under one of the most talented guards in NBA history.

Anthony Black and Penny Hardaway both being 6'7 point guards would provide Black with a perfect teacher and mentor. Black is a key contributor to Orlando taking the next step as a team. Being able to score and play at a high level is important to make the lives of his teammates easier and make Orlando's offense more dynamic.

As for Suggs, he has been working to find his role offensively next to Wagner and Banchero. The ability Hardaway had to play off Shaquille O'Neal at a high level would be valuable as Suggs continues to grow as a player and in his role.

The ceiling that Hardaway was able to reach as a player is something new that the current coaching staff can't provide. He wouldn't provide coaching experience to the team as other options may, but Hardaway could be a boost in player development and someone that the locker room would respect right away.