2024 Orlando Magic Trade Value Column: From sellers to buyers

The Orlando Magic's posture entering this year's trade deadline has changed. For the first time, they are going out on the market looking for ways to improve their team. That starts with a careful evaluation of what they have and what they are willing to give up.
A lot of focus for the Orlando Magic at the trade deadline is on the future at point guard and what the team does with Markelle Fultz.
A lot of focus for the Orlando Magic at the trade deadline is on the future at point guard and what the team does with Markelle Fultz. / Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports
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2024 Orlando Magic Trade Value Column

Category II - Coming and Going

15. Trevelin Queen (Two-Way Contract)

A few Orlando Magic fans were upset when Trevelin Queen got the final two-way spot ahead of Mac McClung. But anybody who had watched or seen Queen understood why.

Queen was an accomplished G-League player in his own right. But his size and versatility made him the ideal fit for the Magic over the smaller McClung.

His run with the Osceola Magic has been incredible. He is averaging 21.5 points per game, 9.5 rebounds per game and 7.5 assists per game in his pair of appearances with the Osceola Magic. He was still named to the G-League's All-Star team.

He has had to spend a lot of time with the parent club because of the Magic's injuries. And he has performed well in his 12 appearances with the parent club, especially with his defense.

Queen is one of the highest-level two-way players in the league. The Magic are probably hoping to keep him for another two-way year next year, at least. He is knocking on the door for a roster spot.

14. Gary Harris (1-year, $13 million) - Last Year: 4th

The whiplash of dropping from fourth on this list last year down to 14th should be instructive of two things: A player's best ability is availability, and having an extra year of contract control is valuable.

This has not been the same year Harris had last year when he averaged 8.3 points per game and shot 43.3 percent from deep. This year, he has struggled to stay on the floor, playing in only 28 games entering Sunday's game with the Detroit Pistons. He is hitting only 33.3 percent from three.

Last year, his shooting was vital for the Magic, and they had to hope they could somehow increase his volume to get some shooting into the lineup. That has not happened, and the Magic appear set to move on from him.

The question is whether he still has any value on the trade market. How much will teams value his veteran presence and leadership? Surely, some title-contending teams are hoping to see Harris hit the market for cheap or see if the Magic or some other team might buy him out.

But that is how far Harris has fallen with how much he has struggled with injuries this year. Having an expiring contract makes it more difficult to move him.

But Harris is the most likely player the Magic would move at the deadline. And if Orlando can extract some player of value to help in the playoff push -- using him in a Tyus Jones trade or swapping veterans for someone like Doug McDermott or Luke Kennard -- that would be a huge boost for the Magic.