2024 Orlando Magic Daily Big Board Version 2.0: The Draft's purpose comes into focus

The Orlando Magic are working both the draft and free agency at the same time. How they choose to use the draft to supplement the roster will provide some clue to their free agent plans. It is time to update our Big Board.
Johnny Furphy has emerged as the favorite mock draft target for the Orlando Magic. He would be a solid get in this year's draft.
Johnny Furphy has emerged as the favorite mock draft target for the Orlando Magic. He would be a solid get in this year's draft. / BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN / USA TODAY
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Tier 7: The Rest of the Top 30

Zach Edey Big Board 06.17.24. Scouting Report. . Purdue. Zach Edey. 24. 492. 7-4, 285 lbs. player. Zach Edey

Zach Edey is one of the most divisive prospects in this draft class. He is also perhaps the one who can only fit a specific type of team. That is not to say Edey is bad. He earned his two Naismith Awards at Purdue these past two years. There is no reason to turn off him for that reason.

But Edey is a traditional paint presence. He has limited mobility and versatility. The Orlando Magic value that versatility and so they may be out on him.

6-10, 235 lbs. 25. player. Yves Missi Big Board 06.17.24. . Yves Missi. Yves Missi. Baylor. . 460

Yves Missi has the profile of a center prospect who can make an impact in the league over the long term. He has excellent length—6-foot-10.75 without shoes and a 7-foot-2 wingspan—and is an excellent shot blocker—1.5 blocks per game.

Missi is still very raw and relies more on his athleticism than anything else to get those blocks. He does not have much of an offensive game and will be susceptible to fouls. That will be something teams will have to develop. But there are a lot of centers who have followed this same path.

6-8, 210 lbs. Pacome Dadiet. Pacome Dadiet. 26. . Scouting Report. 38. Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany). player. Pacome Dadiet Big Board 06.17.24

Among the potential first-round picks who have been reported to make their way through Orlando so far is Pacome Dadiet, a 6-foot-8 French wing who played in Germany last year. He averaged 6.4 points per game in 14.9 minutes per game for Raitopharm Ulm in EruoLeague last year.

Dadiet was used primarily as a defender, an impressive feat for a player of his age. He still has to improve as a shooter. He does not fit in that respect for the Orlando Magic. But his size, length and defense put him on the target list.

6-3, 182 lbs. Tyler Kolek. Tyler Kolek. Tyler Kolek Big Board 06.17.24. Marquette. 474. . player. . 27

In terms of natural point guards, Tyler Kolek is perhaps the best of the natural point guards available in this draft. He averaged 15.3 points and 7.7 assists per game. But he is on the small side which probably pushes him down on the Magic's list.

Tyler Smith Big Boar 06.17.24. . Tyler Smith. player. 28. . 6-11, 225 lbs. G-League Ignite. Tyler Smith. 38

Tyler Smith is an intriguing forward prospect who showed in the G-League Ignite that he has the athleticism to compete at the NBA level. His offense is still a work in progress though. He did not have the year he or anyone anticipated as the G-League Ignite struggled all year.

6-9, 225 lbs. Bobi Klintman Big Board 06.17.24. . Bobi Klintman. player. 38. . Cairns (Australia). Bobi Klintman. 29

Bobi Klintman took the rare step of going from Wake Forest, where he averaged 5.3 points per game and shot 36.8 percent from three in 2023, to go pro in Australia. The Sweden-born forward averaged 9.7 points per game and 4.8 rebounds per game while shooting 35.7 percent from three. Klintman has a lot of physical tools to work in the NBA. It is just about putting the pieces together.

DaRon Holmes. player. DaRon Holmes Big Board 06.17.24. . 2316. 6-10, 220 lbs. Dayton. 30. . DaRon Holmes

DaRon Holmes does not have the size of the typical center in the NBA—6-foot-8.75 without shoes with a 7-foot-1 wingspan. He may not be able to play as above the rim. But Holmes feels like the kind of player who knows his role, works on his skills and finds a way to impact games. He averaged 20.4 points and 8.5 rebounds per game last year as a junior. He started expanding to the 3-point line too. A sign of his progress as a player.