2024 Orlando Magic Daily Big Board Version 2.0: The Draft's purpose comes into focus

The Orlando Magic are working both the draft and free agency at the same time. How they choose to use the draft to supplement the roster will provide some clue to their free agent plans. It is time to update our Big Board.
Johnny Furphy has emerged as the favorite mock draft target for the Orlando Magic. He would be a solid get in this year's draft.
Johnny Furphy has emerged as the favorite mock draft target for the Orlando Magic. He would be a solid get in this year's draft. / BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN / USA TODAY
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Tier 5: Projects to Pick

Kyshawn George. player. . Kyshawn George Big Board 06.17.24. 18. . Miami. Kyshawn George. 834. 6-8, 205 lbs

Kyshawn George's counting stats are not overly impressive—7.6 points per game, 40.8 percent shooting from three on 4.2 attempts per game. But that is not really the point in looking at this freshman, or why he was the top pick in my mock draft last week.

George is a shooter and has the fluidity to be a solid scorer as he continues to develop and grow. He has the size the Orlando Magic really like too—6-foot-7 without shoes with a 6-foot-10.25 wing span.

For George, who is still relatively new to basketball, it will be about putting all those skills to gether and getting them up to an NBA level. He is probably not there yet and would need some seasoning in the G-League. But there is a lot of opportunity there. And George is someone to know.

. Kel'el Ware. Kel'El Ware Big Board 06.17.24. 7-0, 223 lbs. Indiana. Kel'el Ware. player. 482. . 19

Among the bigs that are likely available around the Orlando Magic's pick, Kel'el Ware is the best option for them. He is a big center who has good mobility and can protect the rim—averaging 1.9 blocks per game last year at Indiana. He rebounds well with 9.9 rebounds per game (up from 4.1 rebounds per game).

Ware has even shown a willingness to take jumpers. He is not quite doing that consistently yet. But his willingness to shoot and hit jumpers is encouraging on top of that.

The biggest question with Ware is about his motor. He had a rough time at Oregon with at least the perception that he plays hard. He would disappear and his impact would dissipate for long stretches. Ware looked better on that front at Indiana. But that remains the big mark on his resume.

Isaiah Colliers Big Board 06.17.24. Isaiah Collier. 519. USC. 20. player. 6-4, 205 lbs. Scouting Report. . Isaiah Collier

Isaiah Collier may be the most talented and highly touted prospect in the group of players projected to be available around where the Orlando Magic will pick. Collier averaged 16.3 points per game and 4.3 assists per game. He has all the tools to be an excellent point guard.

The thing that should ding him in the Magic's eyes is his horrible shooting. He shot 33.8 percent from three and 67.3 percent from the foul line. That should be a five-alarm warning for the Magic and really any team. He has a long way to go to improve his shot. And this suggests things could be much worse fro him.