2024 Orlando Magic Daily Big Board Version 2.0: The Draft's purpose comes into focus

The Orlando Magic are working both the draft and free agency at the same time. How they choose to use the draft to supplement the roster will provide some clue to their free agent plans. It is time to update our Big Board.
Johnny Furphy has emerged as the favorite mock draft target for the Orlando Magic. He would be a solid get in this year's draft.
Johnny Furphy has emerged as the favorite mock draft target for the Orlando Magic. He would be a solid get in this year's draft. / BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN / USA TODAY
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Orlando Magic Daily 2024 NBA Draft Big Board 2.0

Tier 1: The top of the Draft

Perth (Australia). player. Alex Sarr Big Board 06.15.24. 7-1, 217 lbs. Alex Sarr. Alex Sarr. . Scouting Report. 1. 38

There is no clear-cut player for the top pick in this draft. And it is certainly not guaranteed Alex Sarr will be that pick. But he is still my pick for the top spot, as he was last month. The best comparison I have heard from him is a more offensive-minded Jonathan Isaac (although not nearly as good defensively). But 7-footers with mobility and defensive understanding are strong players and hard to find.

JL Bourg (France). player. Zaccharie Risacher. 2. Scouting Report. Zaccharie Risacher. 38. Zaccharie Risacher Big Board 06.15.24. 6-9, 204 lbs.

Zaccharie Risacher is the likely alternative for the first pick and with good reason. He is a smooth perimeter scorer and creator. That is the kind of thing the Magic would look for. He ranks behind Sarr for me because Sarr's unique skills at 7-feet are probably too much for the Magic to pass up. But they would have been pretty satisfied to grab Risacher too.

. 6-6, 190 lbs. 3. Stephon Castle Big Board 06.15.24. UConn. Stephon Castle. player. Scouting Report. 892. Stephon Castle

Stephon Castle is the top guard on the board for me for the Orlando Magic. The 6-foot-6 guard made a name for himself last year for his excellent defense in leading the Huskies to their second straight national championship. He grew each year in school. His desire to play point guard might not be the best position for him. But it shows that he could be a versatile player.

player. 892. Donovan Clingan Big Board 06.15.24. 7-2, 265 lbs. Scouting Report. . UConn. Donovan Clingan. 4. Donovan Clingan

Donovan Clingan may be pigeonholed as a traditional paint-bound center. But that also means he has a surefire role. And seeing how Derreck Lively has carved out a role on an NBA Finals team. Bigs who can set good screens, roll to and finish around the basket, and defend the rim are super valuable in the league even if they cannot space the floor. Clingan can do all of that.