2024 Orlando Magic Daily Big Board Version 2.0: The Draft's purpose comes into focus

The Orlando Magic are working both the draft and free agency at the same time. How they choose to use the draft to supplement the roster will provide some clue to their free agent plans. It is time to update our Big Board.
Johnny Furphy has emerged as the favorite mock draft target for the Orlando Magic. He would be a solid get in this year's draft.
Johnny Furphy has emerged as the favorite mock draft target for the Orlando Magic. He would be a solid get in this year's draft. / BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN / USA TODAY
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The NBA Finals will eventually wind their way to a conclusion. The league is starting to move into offseason mode—look at the side eyes Joel Embiid gave Paul George on the panel in the pregame for Game 4.

The Orlando Magic are expected to have a busy offseason this summer. They have enough cap room to sign one major player—perhaps even to sign two major players— and they have the ambition to grow on their playoff appearance from last year.

Everyone's focus has been on free agency to fill this need, especially with the Magic seeming ready to take the next step—and struggling to play last year's rookies in Anthony Black and Jett Howard.

Still, everyone has to do their work. And even with the Magic holding the No. 18 pick rather than a lottery pick, this is still an opportunity to add talent to the roster. The good teams never pass that up—even if the Magic can afford to be more patient or camp their player in the G-League as they did with Howard last year.

This year's draft class is not exactly moving the needle. The top of the draft is considered fairly weak compared to previous draft classes. There is no clear-cut star at the top. Even where the Magic are drafting just outside the lottery, there is no runaway player or sure thing. But there are still intriguing options for the Magic to consider.

While Orlando is expected to add at least one if not two key rotation players to the team in free agency, the Magic should still look to boost their depth however they can. They need a starting guard and shooting, but they can boost that with a solid selection in the NBA Draft as much as they can in free agency.

So what are the Magic looking for in the Draft? That is something we can ponder a bit. The bulk of the Magic's needs—the starting guard and likely the third center—will get resolved in free agency.

The Magic should always emphasize shooting. But it seems more likely the Magic will look to add to their core philosophies. They want positional size and versatility. They want players who can defend and do multiple things.

That should be our guideline as we look at the draft board once again.

We last did a Big Board about a month ago as an introduction to the draft class. Now with workouts in full swing and the draft just a week away on June 26 and 27, it is time to update our board with a specific focus on the Magic's needs and desires.

This board is not a prediction of the draft order. Rather it is a ranking of prospects based on talent and team needs.