12 2024 free agents the Orlando Magic should already be eyeing

The Orlando Magic will have ample cap space this summer to capitalize on an already successful season. Orlando will look to complement their core roster with additions that aim toward contention in the Eastern Conference.
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12 2024 free agents the Orlando Magic should already be eyeing

Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

There were rumors that Orlando was inquiring about Klay Thompson during the trade deadline and they have continued heading into the offseason. He would be the most notable name on this list. But he comes with added baggage.

He is not the same player that he was before the injuries. The Golden State Warriors relied on him as their key defender during their dynasty, but Thompson has had difficulty guarding opposing players this season.

Thompson has only had one offseason since his injuries to work on his body. He has been rehabbing injuries most of the time when he has been off the court. The Warriors have moved him to the bench now to try to stretch his abilities a little further and salvage their season.

A full summer to work on his lateral quickness and conditioning could see Thompson recover some of the ability he has lost due to his age and injury history.

He is a competitor and has heard the noise from critics since he returned to the court this season. He is still shooting 38.5 percent from three on 8.7 attempts and can get hot quickly.

His skillset would fit perfectly with the Magic's starting unit. A player who operates without the ball in his hands and needs little space to get his shot off.

In Orlando, Thompson would likely have more opportunities to get open looks. Stephen Curry is really the only offensive creator on Golden State minus an aging Chris Paul. They are smaller guards who mostly operate outside of the paint.

Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner are different players who are looking to attack their matchups and get to the rim. It is almost a requirement at this point to double-team Banchero in the paint and his passing is continuing to improve. Having a lethal shooter on the perimeter like Klay makes a lot of sense.

Thompson would fill the biggest need for the team as one of the best catch-and-shoot players in NBA history. He would be asked to do just that working off-ball while Paolo and Franz operate. If he can regain some agility that he has lost on the defensive end it will only make the signing that much better.

If he can come back with a vengeance next season and take advantage of a fresh start with a young team, then this would likely be the best signing of the offseason. He can prove that he can still be a major piece of a contending roster. If the Magic make some noise in the upcoming playoffs they can show Klay that his best opportunity for contention and money is in Orlando.