Orlando Magic NBA Draft: Grades for every draft pick

Jett Howard and Adam Silver, 2023 NBA Draft. Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images
Jett Howard and Adam Silver, 2023 NBA Draft. Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images /
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Only one team entered the 2023 NBA Draft with two picks in the draft lottery. Courtesy of another losing season from the Chicago Bulls, the Orlando Magic had in hand the No. 11 pick in the draft in addition to their own No. 6.

Add in pick No. 36 and the team had a lot of potential to add to their young roster to continue building for the future.

By the morning of the draft, most analysts had zeroed in on Arkansas’ Anthony Black as the pick at No. 6, and that is who the Magic drafted. A few picks later they went for more of a surprise pick, taking Michigan’s Jett Howard. The second-round pick was then shipped off to the Milwaukee Bucks for a 2030 second and cash.

The Orlando Magic went for youth in the 2023 NBA Draft but seemingly went off board, eliciting negative reactions and questions throughout Magic fandom as they look ahead to the team’s future.

Anthony Black is a 19-year-old entering the league after his freshman season, as is Jett Howard.

Rather than try to use either pick to trade for a veteran, or to trade up in the draft, they stood pat and added two young players. They have almost exclusively drafted freshmen over the past few seasons, playing a long game of developing a team that contends for a title.

How did the Magic do?

Let’s evaluate each of their picks, then add in the trade at the end to give them an overall grade for their performance on draft night. Will the Magic get a passing grade at the end?