5 2023 NBA Draft prospects to know for the Orlando Magic’s No. 11 pick

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The Orlando Magic are in an advantaged position as they prepare for the NBA Draft.

Anyone with multiple draft picks should feel they have an advantage in the draft. They have an extra tool to use to move around in the draft or an extra player to bring onto the roster. Depending on needs and what the draft presents, it could be a very useful tool, especially for a young team ready to improve and grow.

Orlando will have the sixth pick in the draft and will have plenty of options to take in that part of the draft. If the team is intent on keeping both of its picks, they will again have plenty of options for the 11th pick.

The Orlando Magic’s second pick in the Lottery at No. 11 may not have the cache that their first pick does. But it is still an opportunity to add a key player to the roster.

The interplay between the sixth and 11th picks is an important one to think about. While the Magic certainly could decide to load up on shooters — and a lot of mock drafts would suggest the Magic could get the best two shooters in this draft with both of their picks — or they could look to draft and fill one need with six and then another at 11.

That only widens the net of players the Magic could target and think about as they get up to make their pick. The number of prospects always widens the deeper into the draft you go. There will be a lot to consider.

This year’s draft is interesting for what it has to offer. The Magic will have a lot of players they can develop and grow. But that means there are players with flaws. There is no perfect selection (well, maybe one) at this point.

Orlando is going to have its work cut out for it to ensure it brings in the best player it can on draft day.

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