5 Orlando Magic training camp battles to watch

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R.J. Hampton, Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic have some concern for the pathway to develop for players like R.J. Hampton as they examine this year’s draft. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images) /

Orlando Magic training camp battles to watch

Which guard will break through?

Similar to the forwards, there is inevitably going to be a guard who gets squeezed out of the rotation if this team is at full health.

The Orlando Magic have Markelle Fultz, Jalen Suggs, Gary Harris, Cole Anthony and Terrence Ross who will all play when they are healthy. That is going to keep R.J. Hampton, Caleb Houstan and Devin Cannady from playing consistent minutes.

All three though — especially Hampton and Houstan — could fight their way to minutes when given the chance. It is just not certain they will be able to do so or if they can get through that group ahead of them.

Hampton certainly has the inside track because of his experience. The Magic like his speed in the open court and his ability to shoot from the outside — a surprising 35.0-percent from deep which was a significant improvement.

Orlando views Hampton as a 3-and-D win for sure, although Hampton probably tries to do too much off the dribble. The team has some proof of concept with him.

Houstan is also very valuable to Orlando.

He was the Magic’s second-round pick because of his shooting ability and his positional versatility. The Magic like him for a reason. And while he may be one of the youngest players on this roster, he also has tons of talent.

Houstan had some big games in Summer League as a sort of proof of concept. But he still struggled with his consistency and his ability to do more than shoot spot-up threes.

But as things stand, the two will find it difficult to get consistent minutes unless they blow everyone away. Someone will have to break through. That is what training camp is for establishing.

So that when the opportunity comes around, these players will be ready to take that next step.