5 things we learned about the Orlando Magic from Summer League

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Devin Cannady, Orlando Magic
Devin Cannady and the Orlando Magic faced some adversity in their second Summer League outing but they found a way to emerge with the win. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports /

5 things we learned from Orlando Magic’s Summer League

Orlando Magic’s culture is ingrained

The Orlando Magic did not win a lot of games last year, but they certainly were highly ranked around the league in vibes.

It was a 22-win season, but it was still a fun season. And everyone feels like the Magic are in a good place as they start this rebuild.

To be sure, the team will start to be judged on wins entering this season and they need to make some tangible progress.

But Summer League showed one thing: Last year’s good vibes were not the team coping or putting on airs. It is something deeply ingrained with this team from top to bottom.

Jamahl Mosley helped initiate a spirited and energetic vibe where everyone is excited to work and improve. More importantly, he has created an atmosphere where everyone is excited and cheering for each other.

That was evident from the fact the majority of the team’s main roster made it to Las Vegas for the team’s first two games. Sure, some of that was the curiosity of seeing top pick Paolo Banchero, but the way they were engaged with the players on the court and hung on every play showed how bought in everyone is to every part of the process.

That buy-in was clear even for the players on the Magic’s Summer League roster who are clearly fighting to make the roster. The energy players like Zavier Simpson and Tommy Kuhse showed throughout Summer League buoyed the team and kept everyone playing at a high, energetic level.

It was hard not to love the way the team was playing and the effort and energy they put in.

There were flaws in how the team was constructed considering the style the Magic wanted to play, a clear preview of how the team is hoping to play in the fall. But they were all committed to doing what the coaching staff asked them and they largely played well enough to make everyone a believer.

Orlando has built itself as a tough-minded, hard-working team. They were that last year. They were that in Summer League. And there is no reason to believe that will not carry over when the season tips off.