Orlando Magic’s shooting guards have all the features the league wants

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Jalen Suggs, Orlando Magic, Toronto Raptors
Jalen Suggs helped pace the Orlando Magic to a solid victory over the Toronto Raptors. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports /

Orlando Magic’s Shooting Guard Group

Getting to the Rim

If you cannot hit from the outside, you have to get to the rim. And this is where Jalen Suggs shows the most promise offensively.

With Suggs’ size, speed and athleticism, he can get to the rim just as well as the league’s best finishers regardless of who stands in front of him.

He led the team in transition points at 2.1 per game and had the third-highest shooting foul frequency in transition on the team at 13-percent.

His finishing around the basket was certainly a concern. But he got there fairly consistently.

Jalen Suggs averaged 4.0 field goal attempts per game in the restricted area, trailing only Franz Wagner and Wendell Carter, and 2.1 field goal attempts in the paint outside of the restricted area. He made 58.9-percent of his shots in the restricted area.

Once defenders start being forced to collapse in on him, and when help defense must rotate over to him, plenty of open looks and good shots will come for the Magic. Suggs is such a force at the rim he has the potential to open up the game for him as well as whoever else is standing on the floor with him.

He is not the only one scoring at the basket and running in transition.

R.J. Hampton led the team in shooting foul frequency in transition at 14.9-percent and he shot 43.3-percent from within 10 feet. He shot 40.5-percent from two. In his two years with the Magic, he is shooting 58.5-percent at the rim percentage.

Hampton is another freak athlete who loves to have those highlight finishes and dunks that make your jaw hit the floor. He has the ability to create open looks for his teammates because of his ability to score at the rim.

Gary Harris might not make the crazy plays that make fans say wow, but he can sure get it done just as well and efficiently as the other guards. Gary Harris shot 49.4-percent from two and shot 58.4-percent from within 10 feet.

Although Harris is mostly a 3-and-D guy, he is very athletic and can get to the rim when needed. He shot a 53.9-percent effective field goal percentage and 67.5-percent finishing at the rim percentage.

So although he does not take it to the rack often he can finish when he does drive to the rim.