5 free agents the Orlando Magic can throw a bag at

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Bruce Brown, Brooklyn Nets
Bruce Brown is an inriguing wing who fit in perfectly among the Brooklyn Nets. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

Free agents the Orlando Magic can throw the bag at

Bruce Brown, Brooklyn Nets

The list of free agents starts to get really thin.

The realistic targets for Orlando at the wing spot are likely Charlotte Hornets wing Cody Martin, Sacramento Kings guard Donte DiVincenzo or Milwaukee Bucks guard Pat Connaughton.

Like I said, things start to get thin. And the Magic may not really want to throw a ton of money. So keep an eye on the trade market to fill the needs.

Here is one guy to maybe keep an eye on if the Orlando Magic want to throw some money around in free agency — Brooklyn Nets guard Bruce Brown.

Brown had a solid season through all the chaos the Nets went through last season. He averaged a career-high 9.0 points per game while shooting 40.4-percent from beyond the arc. Of course, it is easier to get open shots and shoot better with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving or James Harden soaking up all the attention.

Still, Brown played a really big role for that team. He has been a consistent scorer in that 8-10 per game range for the last three years and really came into his own this year.

Brown had a stretch in March and April where he really found his stride and scored 20-plus points consistently. Brown can put together some really good runs of play.

His biggest skill right now is his defense and his shooting. On a baseline that should be enough for the Magic to be interested.

The amount is probably the biggest question. And that is up to anyone’s guess. Especially with the chaos the Nets have been thrown into in the last few hours.

Brown should be a 3-and-D wing that gets some interest. But he would fit in perfectly for a team like Orlando.

Then again, we saw what happened the last time Orlando was interested in a player from Auburn this offseason (sorry, War Eagle).